Living Torah English only edition

Same as Living Torah Hebrew/English Shown Below but without the Hebrew.
647 Pages

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Living Torah Hebrew/English

1,427 Pages.

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Hebrew Bible with English translation on facing page. Sturdy Hardcover Binding for years of use. Great as the Family Bible. Extensive helpfull notes, Sources for definitions from the classical commentators. The Hebrew is printed with all Cantillation marks and original Hebrew Vowel symbols. Helpfull Diagrams, Maps, Charts. Complete index to every topic in the Five Books of Moses.

Bible Translations

Readable Translation
Charts and Diagrams
Learn to read Hebrew from an authentic Hebrew/English Bible.
Understand the construction of the ancient Tabernacle.
Complete Index
Find any topic in the entire Five Books of Moses.
See pictures of plants and wildlife mentioned in the Bible.
Follow the routes taken by the Patriarchs and the Hebrews.
Get to Know the classic Bible commentators.
Cantillation and Vowel marks
Original text as handed down to Moses at Mount Sinai. Not one word has been changed
  See the ancient Mystical Hebrew punctuation marks of the Torah
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